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Colissimo by SellIntegro
Sunan: SellIntegro Sp. z o.o.
7 gün ücretsiz deneme

Colissimo by SellIntegro

Sunan: SellIntegro Sp. z o.o.
Automate Shipments to Colissimo
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7 gün ücretsiz deneme
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  • Colissimo by SellIntegro Uygulamasına Genel Bakış

        Automate unfulfilled in-store orders to Colissimo.
        Apply Colissimo postage details according to your own requirements.
        Automate in-store orders with fulfillment details directly from Colissimo.
    The Colissimo by Sellintegro app : 1. Automates the transfer of all unfulfilled orders directly into the Colissimo site. 2. Sends Customer and product details to Colissimo to allow complete postage calculation and label creation. 3. Sends packing labels directly to store owners when postage is completed. 4. Sends tracking numbers and URLs directly to customers and are put directly into the store. Processing unfulfilled in-store orders using Colissimo is currently a daunting task. Manually copying and pasting customer details into Colissimo is a very error-prone and time-consuming activity. To eradicate this hidden cost, SellIntegro proudly presents an application that fully automates your in-store orders to your Colissimo process by removing repetitive, error-prone and time-consuming data entry from your workloads. Use a 14-day free trial to test the app and start saving money.
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    UYGULAMAYI GELİŞTİREN:SellIntegro Sp. z o.o.

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