The Digi Tech Resource Group, LLC
The Digi Tech Resource Group, LLC
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The Digi Tech Resource Group, LLC is an organization operating from Floral Park, New York. We are an agency full of digital geeks which include, a team of web developers, enthusiasts, smart mobile app developers, creative thinkers, custom software and CRM experts, and a group of strategic marketers....

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Mike Manzoni

28 Kas 2022

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I needed some modification to the code on my site. This was to set up Google AdWords conversion tracking. I gave them the credentials, told them what I needed and bam, they had it done with a couple hours. I got exactly what I asked for at the price we agreed upon. Would I use them again? Absolutely. I came back again a couple months later for more work. Once again, these guys are fast, accurate and reasonably priced....