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POWR Testimonial Slider
Sunan: POWR
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POWR Testimonial Slider

Sunan: POWR
Build credibility with dynamic testimonials
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POWR Testimonial Slider Uygulamasına Genel Bakış

    Customization - Slide speed, auto-repeat, layout, thumbnail previews and many more
    CTA buttons - Embed calls-to-action to drive sales direct from testimonials
    Image protection - Disable right-clicking to protect images from being copied
    Autoplay - Use video testimonials that automatically begin playing
We highly recommend showcasing your customer success stories and powerful testimonials in a slideshow for social proof. In addition to product reviews and star ratings, testimonials from satisfied customers are a great way to build trust with prospective buyers. Providing proof of happy customers to new site visitors can help them feel confident buying from your company. Present the benefits of your product or service in an eye-catching testimonial slideshow and increase your sales and referrals.
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Fiyatlandırma ve Ücretli Abonelikler

Free Paket


3 testimonials slides
Pre-built templates
Upload/attach images or videos
Starter Paket


All of Free + remove POWR logo
6 testimonial slides
Advanced transitions
Custom slide speed + auto-scroll
Pro Paket


All of Starter +
10 testimonial slides
Custom CSS and JS
SEO alt tag/text
Business Paket


All of Pro +
Unlimited testimonial slides
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