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123 Form Builder & Payments
Sunan: 123FormBuilder
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123 Form Builder & Payments

Sunan: 123FormBuilder
Easy forms for any task
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  • 123 Form Builder & Payments Uygulamasına Genel Bakış

        Build any kind of form with ease, customize design for your unique needs | 1000s templates available | Unlimited fields & conditional logic rules, access to all field types from the free plan
        Use data like it's 2021: freely send data to Wix Contacts, Mailchimp, Google Drive, Hubspot (through Zapier), Dropbox & dozens more.
        Receive payments from the free plan, through Square, Stripe, Paypal Checkout, Paypal, PayU, Authorize.net, Civica, Freshboks, Braintree etc.
        Access chat or email support offered by form builders with 10+ years of experience, working across different time zones
    We’ve broken down barriers. It’s 2021. About time lead collection became frictionless. Especially after that 2020 ride. Add 123 Form Builder to build versatile forms for course registrations, job applications, volunteering, surveys, newsletters, event tickets, orders, quotes, bookings, donations, quizzes, etc. We do the hard part for you, so you can sit back and focus on priorities. Because it’s 2021 and our Planet needs digital forms for the 21st decade of the 21st century. As easy as 123. Try us out. Upgrade once more submissions start coming in & you begin to get value out of your for...
    ms. What can you use 123 Form Builder for, as soon as you sign up for free? - Sell tickets & products - Build surveys that are shareable, job application forms, quizzes, questionnaires - Customize visitor subscription forms, such as newsletters, or popups - Build smart forms using conditional logic, such as using interactive training forms, registration forms or multi-page forms. - Collect leads & generate more orders. - Create PDF attachments with form data, by automatically attaching pdfs in your notifications - Set-up Recurring donation forms, automated subscription payments - And more!
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    Receive Payments & File Uploads
    Receive 20 Submissions per Month
    Up to 3 forms. Customize designs
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    Everything in Free. 5 SMS Credits
    Receive 100 Submissions per Month
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