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Currency Converter
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Currency Converter

Show your prices in your customer's currency!
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  • Currency Converter Uygulamasına Genel Bakış

        Fully automated mode: detects your visitor's currency & adds the local price next to the original price in a format of your choice (your own domain name is required for this feature to work)
        Or manual mode: add the converter to your product pages and allow your visitors to easily convert your prices to their local currency.
        The manual converter can auto-detect the visitor's currency. Design and colors can be configured to match your site
        Our currency rates are always current (updated every two hours)
    The Currency Converter allows your clients to easily convert your pricing into their local currency. There are two basic modes available: 1/ Fully automatic. The visitor's currency is detected and the converted price is added next to the original price on all your collections and product pages (you need to use you own domain name for this feature to be available). 2/ Manual converter. You can choose among 5 different converter styles, customize them to match the look and feel of your site, and add them to your pages . Your visitors can then easily convert your prices into their local curren...
    cy. The converter offers 103 currencies, and our rates are updated 12 times per day. Try it out! The basic version is free and you can add it to your pages in just one click.
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    FREE Paket
      Classic version of the converter
      Currency rates updated every two hours
      Full 24/7 support
    PREMIUM Paket
    / ay
      Discreet, Pillbox & Modern styles
      Auto-detect visitor's target currency
      Set default starting currency
      Set default starting amount
    PRO Paket
    / ay
      Fully automated (*)
      Auto-detect currency & converts prices
      Shows new price next to current price
      (*) Requires a domain name
    * Fiyat ABD Doları cinsindendir

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