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Custom Background Music
Sunan: Effective Apps
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Custom Background Music

Sunan: Effective Apps
Add your own background music to your site
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  • Custom Background Music Uygulamasına Genel Bakış

        Make your own song play in your site's background
        Hundreds of royalty-free songs to use and enjoy
        Design the widget as you like - choose its color, size and position
        One-click installation
    Create an amazing and unique browsing experience in your site by adding music that will ease and enthusiast visitors About The App Once installed, the app allows you to add a media file (from your Wix Media Manager or from our royalty-free songs library) that will be played in the background of your site. Set Your Own Rhythm Choose what your visitors will hear when they'll visit your site - give them an epic browsing experience with a catchy song! Hundreds Of Royalty-free Songs The app contains hundreds of royalty-free songs from multiple genres for you to use and enjoy. Choose Where It Wi...
    ll Play You can choose whether the song will play in the background of any page of your site, or just in the homepage. Main Features: • Add a song of your choice that plays in the background of your site in a click • Hundreds of royalty-free songs to use • Endlessly play the song with auto loop • Control the song's volume • Set the widget's icon color, size and position • Choose whether the song will play in the background of the entire site or just in the homepage • Super easy to use and to modify
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    Choose among 100 royalty-free songs
    Super-fast support
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    Upload and use your own song
    Choose among 300 royalty-free songs
    Set any color for the widget
    Super-fast support

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