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Klaviyo Integration by PoCo
Sunan: Presto-Changeo
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Klaviyo Integration by PoCo

Sunan: Presto-Changeo
Full integration of your shop with Klaviyo
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  • Klaviyo Integration by PoCo Uygulamasına Genel Bakış

        Use a popup to collect newsletter subscribers, or one of the embedded Wix forms in any page
        Order + Contact information sent to Klaviyo to allow for advanced email segmenting and Win-Back emails
        Cart information sent to Klaviyo to allow for cart abandonment emails
        Active on Site tracking allows you to track activity and email any person who is cookied, even if they are not logged
    Klaviyo Integration by PoCo offers a simple yet deep integration of your website with Klaviyo. * App requires a subscription with 3rd party service Klaviyo. Don't have an account yet? Sign up from inside the app. Customize the popup window to sign up new subscribers who visit your website, including the ability to collect their name and birthday (for personalized emails, and birthday emails), or use one of Klaviyo's popup designs. Use any of the embedded Wix forms to collect newsletter subscribers from any page on your website, and sync them with a specific Klaviyo List (Using Labels to List) Sync all your existing contacts with Klaviyo, including Labels, and any other contact fields (Requires Basic plan) Sync existing order information, as well as a live product feed with Klaviyo, to allow for advanced email segmenting, and using Klaviyo flows (Requires Advanced plan) Sync abandoned cart information with Klaviyo, to allow you to automate abandoned email campaigns. Active on Site tracking allows you to trigger emails to any visitor who signed up to the newsletter, or any logged in customer (when Contacts are synced).
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    FREE Paket


    Sign 100 free newsletter subscribers
    Use Popup & Embedded form signups
    BASIC Paket


    / ay
    Sync existing contacts
    Collect unlimited contacts
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    / ay
    Unlimited contacts
    Sync order and cart information
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