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Live Chat Support
Sunan: Social Intents
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Live Chat Support

Sunan: Social Intents
Chat with your website visitors from Slack.
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  • Live Chat Support Uygulamasına Genel Bakış

        Chat with visitors right from Slack or Wix on your desktop or phone
        Unlimited agents and team members supported on all plans
        Customize chat widget for your website with logos, colors, and text
        Set up proactive chat invites, schedules, and pre-sales forms
    Live chat with website visitors right from Slack or your Wix dashboard. Be there the moment your audience needs you so you can delight customers and sell more. No login or sign up required. Simply add the app to your site and you're ready to engage customers! If you use Slack at work, there's no reason for yet another messaging tool. Our app integrates perfectly with Slack so you can chat with your Wix website visitors right from Slack. Get started for FREE now!
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