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Channelize Live Video Shopping
Sunan: Channelize.io
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Channelize Live Video Shopping

Sunan: Channelize.io
Sales generating App for Live Selling
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  • Channelize Live Video Shopping Uygulamasına Genel Bakış

        Simulcasting: Easily Multi-stream Shopping Shows on Social Media Channels like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitch, etc.
        Custom RTMP Support: Quickly go Live with Pre-recorded Shows with OBS, etc.
        Product Spotlight: Effectively Spotlight Products during a live shopping show to attract buyers’ attention to them and drive Conversions
        Other features are In-show Products Promotion, Live Chat with Pinned Messages, Analytics, Multi-host Selling, Embed Shopping Shows, New Buyers’ Interface, and Real-time Products Update, etc.
    Live Shopping & Video Streams Plugin by Channelize.io enables Brands to Boost Sales and Enhance Brand Perception by connecting better with Buyers and Showcasing Products. Therefore, interacting with Buyers in Real-time and facilitating In-Context Buying leads to Informed, Trusted, and Accelerated Purchases by buyers, resulting in incredible Sales. Three components that make up our Livestream Shopping App: 1. Buyer Interface: Provides a User Interface for Buyers to Engage in Real-time 2. Production/ Admin Dashboard: For Store Admins to Create & Manage Shopping Shows 3. Host Apps: Enables the Host / Influencer / KOL / Brand Employee / Anyone you choose as Host for each show to go live and run that live shopping show. Use Cases for Brands across Industries: 1. A Fashion, Jewelry, or Accessories brand can feature close-ups of products. 2. Skincare brands can host live interviews with specialists like Dermatologists, Trichologists, etc. 3. A Fitness Brand can highlight the specifications of gym equipment and the exercise regimens for which it could be suitable.
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    Upto 10,000 Unique Views/Mon
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    8 Shows/Month | 60 mins Duration
    Upto 100 Peak Concurrent Viewers/Show
    Custom RTMP, Simulcast
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