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Local Delivery With Shipday
Sunan: Shipday
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Local Delivery With Shipday

Sunan: Shipday
Fast local delivery dispatch and tracking
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Local Delivery With Shipday Uygulamasına Genel Bakış

    Real-time delivery tracking
    Easy-to-use tracking dashboard
    Mobile App for drivers
    Automatically dispatch on-demand or scheduled orders
Enable fast and efficient local deliveries for your online store with Shipday. This free integration app automatically import orders to your Shipday account. Easy web and mobile apps to plan and manage deliveries using your own drivers with live tracking and SMS notifications. No drivers? No problems. We have built-in connections with popular on-demand delivery services like DoorDash Drive and Uber in the United States. You can use 3rd party services on-demand from Shipday to offer fast local deliveries from your store. It’s great for fast on-demand local deliveries like restaurant delivery, ultra fast (less than 30 mins) grocery or convenience deliveries along with other local retail deliveries. Shipday also has a very fast and powerful visual route planning and optimization tool for scheduled deliveries like prepared meals, or flower deliveries etc.
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10 Driver Accounts
1 Dispatch Account + Driver App
Live Delivery Tracking
Basic Reporting
Professional Paket

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Unlimited Driver Accounts
5 Dispatch/staff accounts
SMS Notifications, Route Optimization
3rd Party Access, POD, In-app chat
Branded Premium Paket

$79 + $0.10 after 500 orders

15 Dispatch/staff Accounts
Branded Driver App & Tracking
Barcode Scanning, ID Verification
AI Assistant, Priority Support
Business Advanced Paket

$299 + $0.25 after 1000 orders

Unlimited Accounts
Geo-fencing, Advanced Automation
Custom Reporting & Dedicated Support
In-app Chat, AI Assistant, POD
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