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Minta Auto Social Media Videos
Sunan: Minta Social Videos
7 gün ücretsiz deneme

Minta Auto Social Media Videos

Sunan: Minta Social Videos
Auto post & design product videos social media
7 gün ücretsiz deneme
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  • Minta Auto Social Media Videos Uygulamasına Genel Bakış

        Generate & customize unlimited, fully branded product videos & images for all your marketing needs with our advanced video maker - powerful videos editor that allows you to control every aspect of your video creative and design.
        Auto post & schedule your video content to Facebook (including Facebook ad account), TikTok(including TikTok ad account), Instagram, and Pinterest. With our advanced social media planner.
        Customize the music, style, text, and products shown in your videos, in a few clicks. Choose from hundreds of stunning product video templates based on actions on your store - new product or collection, flash sale or a holiday promo
        Minta's powerful AI creates branded videos that convert and upsell customers while building your brand on autopilot. Never have to worry on social media management ever again!
    What is Minta? Minta is your all-in-one content marketing platform. Automatically creating, planning & posting your social videos & designed images in one click! Minta helps store owners solve two massive pains: Daily content creation & social media planning - branded videos & designed images, & social media management! We know that promoting your products with video is difficult, expensive, & time-consuming. Minta automates the entire process for you. In one click, we create fully branded videos for every marketing activity you might need, & make it easy to post your new videos & images to your social media channels. With our advanced video editor, powerful AI, automated branding capabilities & endless amount of product video templates, Minta is a magic product video maker. create an endless supply of stunning product videos & images automatically from your store's product catalog, in seconds, saving you time, money, & headaches! Great alternative to Outfy, Hootsuite & Sprout, Buffer & SocialBee By the team who brought you ReConvert upsell, join over 45,000 eCommerce businesses using Minta to share their creative product videos on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, & TikTok.
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