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Sunan: Multiorders Solutions
14 Gün Bedava Deneme


Sunan: Multiorders Solutions
Easily Manage Inventory, Orders & Shipping
14 Gün Bedava Deneme
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  • Multiorders Uygulamasına Genel Bakış

        Connect Multiple Sales Channels
        Stock Control
        Manage and Fulfill Orders
        Print Shipping Labels
    Multiorders Inventory, Shipping and Order Management Software Connect your store to multiple sales channels and manage your inventory, orders and shipping from a single dashboard. By using Multiorders, you can always keep your stock levels synchronized across multiple platforms and the system will update product availability whenever you sell a product. Multiorders also helps with order fulfillment. If you use Amazon FBA as your fulfillment service, you can fulfill orders from other marketplaces with a few clicks by connecting them all to Multiorders and using Amazon MCF. After you select FB...
    A or MCF as your fulfillment method, all the relevant data is transferred for fulfillment, which eliminates countless hours of copying and pasting. By connecting your store to Multiorders, you are also able to ship orders and print shipping labels in bulk with any of our supported shipping carriers. **You can try out the app for free for 14 days or until you reach 100 orders. The free trial works until you reach at least one of these limits Multiorders inventory, order and shipping management software - save time, money and your nerves.
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    Multiorders Solutions

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    Up to 500 monthly orders
    Up to 2 000 total products
    Free 14 day trial
    All features unlocked
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    Up to 2 500 monthly orders
    Up to 15 000 total products
    Free 14 day trial
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    Up to 10 000 monthly orders
    Up to 50 000 total products
    Free 14 day trial
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