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Retarget Online Ads
Sunan: AdTechium LLC
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Retarget Online Ads

Sunan: AdTechium LLC
Smart advertising: Reconnect with your visitors
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Retarget Online Ads Uygulamasına Genel Bakış

    Advertise like a pro: promote your business using advanced smart technology, just like the big brands
    Retargeting - bring back your precious website visitors
    Facebook/ Instagram + Google + Internet advertising
    All fees included - no extra costs for ads or clicks
Ever wondered how to bring back your website visitors? Retarget is an online advertising platform that combines technology with a team of experts to provide you with a professional advertising experience. Did you know? 96% of website visitors will not order/ book a service or a product on their first visit, most of them will need to see it 7 times (!!!) Retargeting is finding these visitors again and re-engaging them with your content. Start advertising in 2 easy steps: 1. Install Retarget Online ads and select a plan. 2. Upload your creative 3. Tell us who you're looking for How does it work? * Create your ad in a 1-minute guide-through wizard, our experts would LOVE to help! * Your campaign will be created on multiple platforms, including Facebook, Google, Instagram and more. * We will expose your ad to relevant visitors as well as to returning users. Don't miss out on potential conversions – start retargeting the smart way with Retarget Online Ads! Not sure? Talk to us! Support@adtechium.com
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Fiyatlandırma ve Ücretli Abonelikler

Starter Paket


Track visitors to your site
Retarget visitors across the internet
Review number of returned visitors
Use as a basis for larger audiences
Advanced Paket


All the benefits of the Starter Plan
Acquire new visitors
Advertise on additional platforms
Additional budget
Jumbo Paket


All the benefits of the advanced Plan
Twice the budget
Google Analytics conversion funnel
Jumbo + Paket


Show your ads to who is search for you
Bigger buget
Personal support
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