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Sunan: Twism


Sunan: Twism
Physical & online loyalty rewards boost sales
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  • Twism Uygulamasına Genel Bakış

        Automatically issue reward coins to every customer when they make a purchase wherever credit cards are accepted.
        Works seamlessly at both your physical business locations and online store.
        No hardware, no software and no hassles, you’ll be up and running in minutes.
        Twism loyalty can easily be used for booking appointments, retail stores, and so much more.
    80% of your biz comes from 20% of loyal customers. Reward loyal customers so they come back more often, and turn regular customers into loyal ones. Use Twism to increase sales across your social channels, physical business locations or online store by automatically issuing reward coins to every customer when they make a purchase wherever credit cards are accepted. Twism loyalty can easily be used for businesses that book appointments, offer services or sell retail merchandise. Customers get to download the Twism mobile app which has a digital wallet for managing and redeeming their rewards. Some features like gift coins, referrals and coupons are available in the app only at the moment. Most of our business customers get their loyalty rewards program up and running in just a few minutes. With Twism, there is no hardware at the counter, no software and no hassle. We’ve partnered directly with the major credit card networks to bring you an innovative platform that makes loyalty effortless. Twism is here to help. We’re a small business focused and friendly company that realizes local shops and commerce is the heartbeat of our communities.
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